Installing Cucumber Eclipse Plugin

Why Cucumber Eclipse Plugin needed? This plugin highlights the Syntax’s or Keywords; basically it distinguishes syntax keywords from other sentences. That is fine if we do not install it but the entire scripts appears as plain text as in a notepad. So it is recommended to install Cucumber Eclipse Plugin.

Installation Steps:

Step 1: launch Eclipse IDE and Go to “Install New Software…” option.


Step 2: In the new dialog window click on “Add” button.


Step 3: Give the Name as “Cucumber” (you can give any name) and paste below URL in Location and click OK.


Step 4: You must see the Cucumber Eclipse Plugin in the software list. Select the Cucumber check-box and Click on Next.


Step 5: Accept the Terms and Conditions and Click on Finish.


Step 6: Installation will start and you may see “Security Warning” just click OK.



Step 7: After Installation completed it will ask Eclipse restart say yes.


Step 8: Now go to Eclipse Help Installation Details. You must is Cucumber Eclipse Plugin in the Installed Software list.



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