Downloading Cucumber JVM and Selenium Jars

To write/run Cucumber Scenarios with Java in Eclipse the below Jar files are required. Please follow the steps and all download the all listed jar files.

  • junit
  • gherkin
  • Cucumber-core
  • Cucumber-java
  • Cucumber-junit
  • Cucumber-jvm-deps
  • Cucumber-reporting
  • mockito-all
  • cobertura

Step 1: Search all the above terms in the Maven Central Repository one by one and download latest Jar file. Click Here!! for Maven repository.


Step 2: Now search for “junit”, you could see the list of Jars listed. Select the latest Jar and download it.


Step 3: Repeat the same procedure for remaining Jars and Keep them in a folder as below.


Step 4: Download the Selenium Standalone Server from Download Selenium Standalone Jar

Step 5: Add all the above Jars in the project build.


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